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When you wake up each morning are you scared by the face you see in your mirror? Well with the Wahl Groomsman trimmer, you’ll be just fine. The high quality razor sharp blades of this Wahl trimmer will assure you a close cut shave with every stroke. Charge this cordless beauty for 8 hours and enjoy 60 plus minutes of trimming with optimal results always. A perfect companion for men who like to live life out of their suitcases! The detailed trimmer head of this rechargeable trimmer will always guarantee you professional results accompanied with accuracy, durability and precision. Self-sharpening steel blades that sharpen themselves each time you trim. This innovation is nothing short of fantastic.



Product Description

With 6 position length guides, the Wahl Groomsman trimmer makes provision for 6 different hair cutting lengths all based on your requirement. The rotating head that gives you 12 positions for customized control, a dual foil shaver head and a 5 position guide comb are all reasons for you to own a Wahl Trimmer.Features complete grooming kit for the entire body including beard trimmer, detail blade set and shaver. Rotary head with 12  positions, 60 minutes battery power, 6-position length guide, self-sharpening steel blades precision-honed for accuracy and durability.Rubber hand grips Battery Operating Time: 60 Minutes Blade: High-quality cutting bladesCutting Width: 30 mm Pack Quantity: 6 Kit includes: trimmer unit, trimmer head, detail head, dual shaver head, standard guide combs: (stubble, medium, full), 6-position guide, charger, beard comb, cleaning brush, blade oil, storage base, instructions.About WAHL Wahl has been inventing and manufacturing grooming appliances for over 90 years in Sterling, IL. The company remains steadfast to its roots by providing professional quality products. No other company equals the quality, durability and professional heritage of Wahl.


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1 Year Limited Warranty
Not Returnable
Ships in 1-3 Days