Kenwood Chopper CH580 Quad Blade Mini

BRANDS: KENWOOD, 1 Year Limited Warranty, Not Returnable, Ships in 1-3 Days


Tsh 169,000

List price: Tsh 215,000
Chopper bowl with blade accessory: Yes
Mayonnaise attachment: Yes
Body material: Plastic
Bowl material: Plastic
Size (cm): 26.5H x 13W x 13D
Speed: 2 speeds
Wattage: 500W
Weight: 1.15kg
Ice crushing ability: Yes
Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
Quadblade system: Yes
Safety interlock: Yes
Bowl size: 500ml
This Mini Chopper uses Kenwood's quad blade system. So it will work twice as fast as two blades to give you perfect, even results, every time. It has a 500W motor and two chopping speeds. Simple controls and push-down operation make it intuitive to use. Just push down on the lid to start or stop the blades.
A beautifully designed Chopper with the quadblade system and mayonnaise attachment, perfect for the quick preparation of herbs, nuts, dips, ice-crushing and baby food.

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1 Year Limited Warranty
Not Returnable
Ships in 1-3 Days