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Welcome to our Goody Goods Section Where You Will Find Random Items At Crazy Prices!!!

Tsh 51,000  

Specification  4 Piece Bathroom set  Luxurious Design 


Tsh 8,000 Tsh 15,000  

Specification  Gas cover Elegant design for your Gas 


Tsh 20,500  

Specification  Basket  Elegant design  Colorful  Makes it Easy when shopping 


Tsh 24,000 Tsh 36,000  

Specification  Single Suction Cup  Soap Dispenser Space is Everything 


Tsh 49,000  

Specification   Take it with you anywhere,anytime! Perfect to remove wrinkles and refresh your clothes on the go,at home and office! • You look fine in a wrinkle free suit when you use this powerful steam brush. • This steam brush delivers an 650...


Tsh 56,000  

Specification Multiple Layer Shelf 3 Layer


Tsh 17,000  

Specification  Tool Box  Stores everything in one place 


Tsh 36,000  

Specification  Towel Rack  magic Suction Cup  Sticks Anywhere  Can Hold Many towels   


Tsh 30,000  

Specification 4 Bar Towel rack  Magic Suction Towel   Simple and fashion  Excellent quality  No Nailing  Or Drilling