Aviar Nota Black Bird cage 82*58*166cm

Not Returnable, Ships in 1-3 Days


Tsh 680,000

  • Ideal for canaries, exotic and other small birds
  • Made of wire net, with metal roof.
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Equipped with accesories and wheels
  • Save-space system, reduced package volume
A large space and freedom of movement for all small domestic birds! Nota is an aviary for canaries and exotic birds, with a metal roof, painted wire mesh and plastic columns and base. It is ideal for accommodating several birds at the same time and, despite its large size, it is easy to move, thanks to the wheels provided.
It can be cleaned in no time, thanks to the base with its removable dirt-collecting tray. If necessary, the base can be completely removed. Like all Ferplast aviaries, Nota also comes complete with accessories, including perches and a plastic water bottle. The practical Brava 6 swivel feeder will allow you to provide food to your birds from the outside.

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Not Returnable
Ships in 1-3 Days