About us

An entire team of professionals is here provide you with the best products!


Lets Make Shopping Fun & Easy ! 

Zudua.com is a product of Trading Technologies Tanzania Limited, built around the concept making shopping smarter and easier. 

We thought about all the steps and hurdles people need to go though in order to buy things that they need and realised we had an opportunity to make shopping easier for everyone. NO MORE riding in traffic, NO MORE carrying heavy shopping bags on busy streets, NO MORE rushing because the shop might just close!

Zudua.com is a 24/7 service that can allow you to shop at the comfort of your home. With Just a few Clicks you can have what you need at your doorstep. Not only that, but we are committed towards providing you warehouse pricing and highest quality offering with our products. So you don't only shop easier but also shop smarter! 

With our ever increasing product lines, flexible shipping and payment options we work towards putting a smile on every customer.