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Plugs, Sockets and Safety

Tsh 35,000 Tsh 40,000  

Palm-sized compactness and worldwide voltage AC100 V -240 V make it ideal to take on vacation.
2 high-capacity AA batteries included: 2500 mAh. Last up to 3.5 times1 longer than alkaline.
Ideal for multi usage devices: mouses, remote controllers, clocks, radios, flash lights, IC recorders, toys, cameras
Charge up to two AA or AAA batteries simultaneously
Safety features incl. auto charge cut-off, safety timer, and non-rechargeable battery detection.


Tsh 120,000 Tsh 135,000  

Compact, microprocessor based
Detect 7 Types of disturbances
Built-in cable, Easy to install
Smart Timer ensures 3 minutes wait time
Safeguard from unstable operation of standby Generator
Senses Arc resulting from loose connection to minimize the risk of fire
Continues load capacity: 20 Amp
Start up delay time: Smart Timer (1/2 - 3 minute)
Max supply voltage: 420 V